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Nick Wakan on Sharp Talk #pngpolitics

In this country, complacency, lateness, negligence and long queues have become the NORM.

I am done taking it as NORMAL! Because it is NOT NORMAL when people do not do what they are paid to do.



Dear Sir

I am continuously disappointed every end of month at ANZ’s failure to process ANZ Internet and local TT payments, both branch TT and internet banking. We are a World Bank and Government of Papua New Guinea funded project where we maintain two accounts with ANZ that have an average ordinary balance of K3million to K5million and transaction volumes of more than 150K to 500K average every month. The deposits are interest free and we pay hefty bank fees for most of the transactions every month.

We pay monthly consulting fees for our employees which need to be credited to both ANZ and BSP accounts on time. While the ANZ pay recipients are ok, there is something not working out right with local TTs from ANZ to BSP. This has gone on from previous years till now and it is terribly disappointing that ANZ has not improved in this regard.

Today PPAP consultants who bank with BSP who expect to be paid on time (yesterday or today) will go without their pay. As the paymaster, I am always taking the blame for ANZ’s failure to process these pay on time.

These payroll were processed early morning on Thursday at 9.40AM at Goroka ANZ branch and it has gone past ANZ bank’s 24hour processing period and will not be processed over the weekend until hopefully on Monday next week. We do not pay BSP processing fees; it is ANZ that we pay and we expect ANZ to follow up with BSP to have the respective accounts credited on time.

I hope ANZ can provide food on the table and feed their families during the weekend for denying their payroll. They get paid on the month and it is a very very long wait for the next pay.

We will seriously consider changing banks.


by Nick Wakan
from Sharp Talk
via #Pngpolitics

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