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Peter Balone Kanaparo posted in Engans

Susan Merrell I am taking this opportunity to...
Peter Balone Kanaparo 9:50pm Nov 9

Susan Merrell

I am taking this opportunity to answer the press release put out by the Hon William Duma Minister for Petroleum and Energy and the denial of property ownership in Cairns by Hon William Powi.

Firstly Mr. Duma, contrary to your accusatory press release, nothing I have published has the intention of misleading anyone, certainly not deliberately.

On the contrary, my intentions have been to shed light onto a subject about which there has been much speculation. It is not my original premise that corrupt PNG money finds its way into Cairns property. This has been a suspicion for many years now. The fact that no one was able to find out who owned property in Cairns fuelled that suspicion.

When you bought your property back in 2009 you must have been aware of public perception regarding Cairns property. In this case (and unfortunately), if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. If you’re found holding the smoking gun people are going to make their own assumptions.

As for the anomaly of your records with the Queensland Registrar: well there has been a number similar to yours. As in your case, a search on the names of other PNGeans produced no results – whereas when I searched with different criteria, properties owned by these individuals were found – suspicious in itself. One could be a simple error but three or more is a definite trend. I do believe I’ve uncovered a possible reason why, but will need to dig deeper before I can say with certainty.

As for the suggestion that my searches were not done properly, well let me say, I have been known to make mistakes and given that your press release, with all the resources available to you, has made its own, I’m surprised you have been the one to cast the first stone. A cursory google of ‘Susan Merrell’ would have given you the information that my title is not Ms but Dr.

Your suggestion that I have not done searches at all borders on the defamatory.

Let me draw your attention to the fact that I made (and I make) no comment on the legitimacy of your purchase. The cap was merely thrown in the ring for anyone to put on who felt it would fit – why would you choose to do that if you are confident it doesn’t?

As, in my experience, it is nigh on impossible to obtain any public records from PNG sources, I currently have in a ‘Freedom of Information’ request to the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board that is due to land in my inbox any time. I’m sure this will back up your assertions and in the interests of fairness, I will certainly make them known – whatever they may disclose.

Lastly, Mr Duma, if you are not part of the problem, then becoming part of the solution would be desirable. Transparency has never been a bad thing in a governmental affairs.

As for Hon William Powi’s assertion that he owns no properties, I am, at the moment looking at official Australian documents that tell me that William Titpe Powi bought a property (I won’t give the address – although I could) on 3 July 2012. If Mr. Powi has a doppelganger/namesake then I apologize unreservedly – after all Titpe is such a common name.


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